The Smell That Guarantees Everyone Visits Your Stand.


Show’s are back on!!!!! So it is time to start thinking about designing traffic flow based on trade floor positioning, building in private space for sit down discussions, and space to showcase branding.
But it is also time to brainstorm fun, unique catering items to attract visitors to your stand.
When we last put together a stand for Merck Sharp & Dohme (UK), MSD knew ever other exhibitor would have coffee barista’s so that wouldn’t stand out. MSD wanted to offer visitors something to compliment all that coffee, with a smell that would attract people from all over the hall. So we designed in on hot cinnamon donuts station into the stand.



With the rest of the stand, we recommended building a structure in a slim framework with a curvy, inviting shape to give the feeling of softness and openness.
The framework is designed to hold fabric printed banners which gave MSD maximise real estate for branding and promotion across large format prints. High quality, single prints with no seams/joins in any print and for matching brand guidelines, the most accurate colour match in the printing world.
A number of panels were used for branding and others to display detailed product information, all brought together by an overhead arch frame that allowed flow through the stand to each of the different seated areas.