Odd Shapes create Unique Solutions

Client: Sanofi

Show: National Immunisation Conference

Year: 2018

Location: Adelaide Convention Centre

The National Immunisation Conference was always one of our favourites. Somewhat ironically, the Perth Convention Centre hosted event for 2020 was postponed to 2021 due to COVID-19 event restrictions.

At the 2018 event, our client came to us with a unique set of problems, and our team embraced the opportunity to create unique solutions.

  • The display space was an unusual “L” shaped space. One wing 8 metres long, the other 5 metres long. Both wings with only a 2 metre depth.
  • The display space required a semi-private medical discussion area.
  • The stand needed an inviting, Coffee Shop feel. High on the hospitality factor.
  • The brand required a very modern style from the architectural lines, through to the materials and finishes.
  • The brand needed to be prominently displayed through the logo and colours.

Our team did a fantastic job delivering a space that was open and inviting, truly taking advantage of the “L” shape to create the allusion of big, unconfined space.

Clever segmentation of the space was important to balance the open feeling with the specific brief requirements. We anchored the open space with a corner coffee bar, complete with Barista “to-order” coffee and on-trend drip coffee. Then in the far wing we built a screened off private meeting area.

From a styling stand point, we used raw timber beams paired with modern lighting fixtures & streamlined furniture pieces to keep with the brand’s modern look. A prevalent use of the brand’s purple colour made it the hero against the otherwise light, beige, timber tones. Lastly, a subtle use of the brand logo “plus shape” throughout the 3D feature walls served as the ultimate backdrop and element to tie the stand together.

Sanofi 2018 HiRes-103
Sanofi 2018 HiRes-104
Sanofi 2018 HiRes-105