There is no right or wrong when it comes to selecting your stand build approach. Certainly the two most popular approaches are between a modular system and a custom build.

Both modular and custom have their own unique merits, therefore the “best” approach will depend on each unique situation. We have outlined the top 10 considerations in stand planning and whether a modular system or a custom build holds the advantage from those considerations.

In what situation should you choose a modular system?
If you have a volatile exhibition show schedule with potential change looming. A modular system will have more ad hoc flexibility when it comes to differing exhibition floor space requirements.

When you need something that looks more professional than pop up stands and shell scheme but have a limited budget.

In what situation should you choose a custom build?
When you have a more predetermined show calendar and your key objectives are to maximise the impact and visitor traffic through those specific show.

If brand perception is paramount to your trade show goals then there is no substitute for a custom built stand.