I am sure, just like all of us, you are suffering from COVID-19 overload. As for everyone else in our beloved industry, things have changed at a rapid pace but rather than dwell on it the Impact Displays team is going to look to the future and keep moving forward one step at a time. We are continuing to plan for events in the future, and make sure that when all the disruption is behind us that we can hit the ground running. Our commitment to the event industry is to come back with our very best work yet. One small silver lining from this scenario is having months more planning and design time, which should allow us to get back to work and build one of our greatest stands ever.

We are continuing to communicate with event organisers and all of our clients regarding the shows that are booked in to our calendar. We are continuing to lead design brief meetings via video conference for shows later in the year.

Landforces 2020, 1-3 September : Brisbane : Australia is first cab off the rank. We have some exciting plans in motion, and would love to start planning with any other exhibitors attending to really kick off with the biggest bang the event industry has ever seen.