The Power of Sketching – part 1

Debate will seemingly never cease between designers when it comes to the benefits of sketching vs. Computer Aided Design (CAD). When thinking specifically about the creative design process there is one specific element that we believe our clients should always consider first and foremost: FUNCTION or FANTASY?

The upside of a CAD is the ability to deliver a scaled and generic proposal that is anchored based in a realistic deliverable. But how much does this “reality” constrain the representation of design ideas. Conversely, hand sketching supports a more divergent and exploratory design journey. It keeps the grand gestures and hero concepts alive and a part of the process for longer period of consideration.

Clients need to clearly identify their key exhibit objective and prioritise Function or Fantasy. A Function priority usually emanates from a need to display large amounts of product, or large products. Function could dictate a specific format for an exhibition demonstration space. This is when starting with CAD is the most appropriate design foundation.

A Fantasy priority puts the narrative of the exhibit space and the brand ahead of all else. The most important take away for visitors is for the stand to be memorable, clearly convey a message and have an attention grabbing “wow” factor. Hand sketching is key in this process. Starting from there allows the imagination to run wild. A Hand Sketch allows a design to illustrate the possible and strive to make it possible.