This year’s Printex was once again a record breaking exhibition. One of Australia’s leading showcases for the signage, engraving, display and wide format market and Label and Packaging Expo. With over 6,000 square metres of state-of-the-art equipment and technology on display, industry leading education and an audience of more than 8,000 industry professionals, PrintEx is the event that brings buyers and suppliers together.

One of our partners presenting at PrintEx, Kissel + Wolf, has distinct brand colour in the marketplace. It was crucial for them to make this key element stand out on their stand, and really ram home their brand recognition in the market. On top of just colours though, we suggested a design that focused on their logo shape as well and functionally served as a centrepiece display unit.

This fully customised design was not only a crucial brand exercise for prospective customers attending PrintEx, it was a key part of motivating and energising the team working on the stand. Giving that team something unique to be excited about, something putting them above the surrounding competitors. Customisation in design falls in to two principles:

1. “I Built It, Therefore I Own It” refers to the idea that participating in the elaboration of an item leads to a sense of ownership of that item. The opportunity to take part in a process and influence the end result promotes emotional attachment that leads to psychological ownership, the feeling that something is “mine” even without legal ownership.

2. “I Own It, Therefore It Is Superb” refers to the Endowment Effect or the finding that, “people value an object more once they have taken ownership of it.” Basically, when you customize an item, you pour a little part of yourself into it, you feel that it already belongs to you, and you value it more.