Trade stand designs have always considered shape, texture and installation accessibility, but a key factor in design has now become lighting.

Lighting will make or break a stand design in order to elevate your brand over your fellow exhibitors. LED lighting options now allows for a rainbow of colour choices. TEVA used LED accent lighting throughout their stand in order to boost their stand branding to create a highly memorable impact for their visitors. LED lighting also offers the ability to create a changing colour scheme, changing intermittently, or with the time of the day or timed to match your on-stand presentation.


If your guests are going to sit for a while, make sure the seating is comfortable! You want to make a good impression to anyone who spends time visiting you. Here are some things to consider when you are looking for meeting room chairs.

There are many types of materials to choose from for your meeting room chairs. Think about leather, wood, mesh, metal and vinyl. A lot of companies now see the value of a chair with good ergonomics and mesh backing.

Ergonomics & Aesthetics
Ergonomics are all about designing or arranging places or products so that they fit the people who use them. Think about seat height, back support and armrests. Having meeting chairs with great ergonomics will help to keep participants more focused on the meeting content instead of on how uncomfortable they are.
Aesthetics are all about the look of the chairs. There are so many designs available that it should be easy to choose a chair style that will match your stand design.

People in a meeting want to be able to easily turn their chair to see who is speaking or talk to the person next to them. So it would be great to have chairs with wheels. Having durable wheels is necessary for ease of movement.