Memory Lane

If you can remember the sound of a dial-up modem, the whir of a floppy disk or the helpful “cartoon paperclip” guide then you have been in the computer game as long as our Impact Displays team have been designing and building exhibition stands.

Company founder, Diana Wilkins, is proud of her 25 year heritage and longevity in the Exhibition industry. It is certainly the cornerstone of Impact Displays to evolve and grow from this deep pool of experience.


For PC show’s in the late 80s and early 90s it was important to transform these new bizarre screens and boxes into a new desirable household object.

For IBM it was making the brand and products seem edgy, and grassroots. For Comtech the focus was clearly on normalising the size, shape and presence of a Personal Computer. These stands had a crucial part to play in getting these devices into the homes of all Australians. A journey that no-one could have imagined arriving at the present day, with handheld devices more powerful than any PC from the 90s.

The bottom left hand image shows an early 90s stand from pharmaceutical giant Lundbeck. This large display was purpose built for an International Alzheimers Event. Impact Displays are so proud to have taken that small spark of inspiration nearly 30 years and continue that with their sponsorship of the annual Bondi 2 Berry fundraiser. Each year that event has grown its total donation amount towards its support of Dementia Australia.