K.I.S.S. – Do One Small Thing Expertly

It is time to change the acronym. We don’t like the negative connotations hovering over the philosophy of Keep It Simple Stupid (K.I.S.S.). What that mindset means to the team at Impact Displays is D.O.S.T.E (pronounced doh-st-ee; like toasty) – Do One Small Thing Expertly. Rather than try to fill an exhibition space with hundreds of bells and whistles, all the latest trends and tech, some of our clients benefit from focusing on a singular objective and delivering on that to the best of our collective abilities.

Every year one of our longstanding clients Berkley Insurance participates in Australasia’s largest general insurance convention Steadfast Convention. Installing their display for the 4th year running, in the 4th different capital city (Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Perth), Impact Displays and Berkley Insurance’s team have always stayed true to their original exhibition objectives:

Build a Stand-out display space to sit, talk and offer guests the very best coffee

Since its inception in 2017, each year we have imported the very best coffee supplies and specialised baristas for the Berkley Insurance display. 2020 is no different where we are sending supplies and our barista across the country, from Sydney to Perth.