“It is right there in our name”

It probably seems obvious to say that the team at Impact Displays have a laser sharp focus on building impactful display stands. But it is more important to make our client’s products impactfully displayed. Our fully customised design process builds from our client’s brief, from the ground up. So we make sure that our client’s product is always the impactful part of the display, always front of mind.

At the 2019 Printex our client EFI had an opportunity to display some of their best and brightest new products to over 5,000 visitors attending the Exhibition. As we do with all of our clients, we started with a consideration of these two common design principles:

1. Prime Real Estate

There are Hot and Cold Zones within any space. A Hot Zone representing an area of high foot traffic. This zone is generally the first-place visitors will look and want to browse. The key to this is to make it clear that people can interact with this area. It can’t be made to feel like a museum display.

2. Negative Space

In many cases you might see products jammed in and stacked as high as possible. This signals to any visitor and potential client that the products on display are of a low value. In a majority of retail environments, we want to increase the value proposition of our products using visual merchandising. One of the most effective ways to do this is to use Negative Space. Negative Space is the use of gaps, or space between products. This is a clever technique that draws a prospects eyes to the individual products allowing them to browse at ease while creating more interest in their mind. Negative Space also signals to the consumer that the products are important enough to command such a generous use of space. This is where the perceived value of a product is enhanced.