Greatest Amalgamation since Clock & Radio

Ice Cream Teppanyaki! Who would have guessed that 3 words could bring so much joy? The visitors to the MSD stand found the joy of Ice Cream Teppanyaki whilst visiting them at the Australian Diabetes Congress 2019.

The team at MSD thought it was crucial to commit part of their 9m x 9m stand toward an attraction piece to draw in exhibition visitors. This combination of sensation for the eyes, followed by the taste buds was the perfect draw card. The icing on the cake was quite literally the ice cream topping, where toppings were carefully chosen to match MSD’s brand colours.

It was important to Impact Display’s design team to create a space that was inviting and relaxed, yet theatrical to match this draw card. It was foundational to promote 2 separate brand departments with the space, and avoid fading in to the “exhibition background” by sticking to the common, clinical white colour scheme.

This stand build was pleasantly warm and inviting with tones of grey that pulled together  their various brand colours. The selection of finishes made it feel a little more relaxed, in the vein of a clean, modern home – carpets, high-quality timbers, designer furniture pieces.

Cleverly utilizing the rigging beyond branding, we added a theatrical element with staging drapes that added pizzazz to the overall brand impact.