1. Games – Your goal at a tradeshow is to grab attention. When visitors are walking and talking about their business all day, one of the easiest ways to be different and grab attention is to have a simple, fun carnival style game on offer. Digital versions of a traditional carnival games are the simplest, and least messy form of interactive technology. Simple iPad games, retro video game consoles take little effort to integrate. The ultimate goal

2. Interactive Screens – A “new technology” that has been around for years, large scale interactive screens always grab attention. Turn part of any stand wall into an interactive crowd pleaser. Even the simplest executions are still sure to grab visitors interest, and also sure to grab visitor details in a smooth and simple process.

3. Augmented Reality – Everyone has seen a snapchat video where your friend has a doggy nose and ears, that is basic AR technology, and people love it. Fusing live camera view with superimposed computer generated elements, you can transport your visitors to any “world” you want. Offer your visitors the opportunity to record themselves with a favourite cartoon character, or the chance to fight in a Star Wars lightsaber battle.