Demonstrative Success

Despite this prevalent digital age, the old idiom stands true “people buy from people”. People are even more likely to purchase if they have an opportunity to “try before they buy”. Target Group Index data shows that 41% of shoppers who see a demonstration of a product go on to buy it from that store.

Impact’s international Teleflex build for a global medical congress required clear open spaces to demonstrate their high-end medical devices.

There are 4 key irreplaceable benefits that derive from live product demonstrations:

1. INTEREST – Product demonstrations stimulate audience interest and participation. By providing sensory support it enhances the quality the overall presentation of any product.

2. OWNERSHIP – An effective demonstration instills an inherent sense of ownership of that entire product category in the mind of the audience. Your prospects in the audience will also feel a small sense of ownership of the product prior to purchase after seeing a demonstration. Prospects are keen to see how a product works without the risk of first paying for it.

3. PROOF – Showing exactly what a product can do, and letting prospects experience it first hand, will be more convincing than any sales pitch or brochure.

4. OBJECTION HANDLING – Prospects often come with preconceived notions or misinformation based on things they have heard in the marketplace. A live product demonstration gives an opportunity to combat product-related concerns and handle objections throughout the demonstration process.