Creative Solutions for Challenging Spaces

Similar to cooking without a time limit, or shopping without a restricted budget – there is no challenge. Practically anybody can succeed when the conditions are simple. The same goes for designing exhibition display stands. Most companies will be able to deliver you a great design when the space and budget are unlimited. But what about those display spaces with the odd floor spacing, or the difficult floorplan placement, or the venues with the low ceilings, small loading docks and short bump-in periods?

A lot of hotel tradeshow venues are presented with challenges like these, and the team at Impact don’t recoil from the thought of those limitations. We delight in working with our clients to maximise the opportunities within those limitations.

The Impact Display design for Jeisys required a solution for an especially narrow space. The Hilton Hotel in Sydney would only allow for stands of 2m depth. It was critical for the Jeisys 6x2m space to display product, without looking cramped. Our team worked on incorporating a lot of lighting, through the large display signage as well as into the display flooring which worked to separate and hero the different product spaces.

Dentsply’s event at the Crown Casino Hotel in Perth presented a different challenge. Hotel ceilings are always lower than traditional exhibition halls. This means there is rarely an opportunity to utilise rigging and hanging overhead signage. Here the Impact design team worked with the Hotel and the Event to maximise the possible stand height to create attention grabbing overhead signage.

Sanofi_ACSEP 2018