Over 200,000 visitors, 5,000 exhibitors and just under 3 million square feet of trade show floor make the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES) one of the biggest trade shows each and every year.

Giant walls of curved screens and celebrity music performances occupy stands at the grand end of the scale. Driving simulator games and waterproof demonstration tanks grab interest at the other end of the scale. We can see the way leading technology on display for consumers inspires the Education technology space – iPads in the classroom, activity trackers for school children.

     LG curved screen display – CES 2019                                                LG curved screen display – EduTech 2018

So why not let the consumer technology exhibition designs also inspire exhibition designs in the Education Technology exhibition space. EduTECH  is the leading event where the entire education and training sector gather together to learn, debate, exchange ideas and be inspired by the very latest in education thought leadership. EduTECH is the only event in the country that brings together the entire lifecycle of education under one roof.

In order to stand out brands and stand designers really pull out all the stops each year at CES and it is always one of the best places to look at to start each new year for inspiration.