Some of the most serious unmet patient needs today are in the field of haematology. Sanofi are committed to significantly improving the health and lives of people with rare blood disorders around the world through groundbreaking science. They are a long term partner, working with Impact Displays to shine their message in the best light during Exhibitions all over. Sanofi have a wide range of brands and products under their banner, and they apply a patient-centred approach and a commitment to innovation and rigorous clinical research to make a meaningful difference for people affected by rare blood disorders.

The broad range of brands, combined with a uniquely long and narrow space (12m x 3m) created a distinct design challenge to solve for. It was crucial to create a Big Impact with a small space yet also clearly delineate and define 4 different products and their business units. All this whilst balancing the core trade show requirements of attracting delegates to the stand, and providing them a comfortable environment to keep them on the stand.

In this design, the Impact Display’s team strategised a formula to maximise the approved build height, creating a stand that was 5 metres tall. The core of the design was a “brand band” graphic area which gave equal weighting to each of the different business division’s on the stand.

A top of the line coffee service and modern bench seating drew a huge number of delegates in to the stand, and custom made upholstered bench seating along with plush dual surface carpet & laminate flooring gave everyone the comfort they wanted to stay on the stand.