Big Logistics make for Big Impact


Very often the biggest part of a custom stand is not the design, not the finishings or lighting … it is the logistics. Bump-in permissions, scheduling and special circumstances that can be required.
Our Impact Displays team had a busy time with logistics at Printex 2019. Integrating large scale printers on to every stand was a challenge in itself, but one client gave us an additional challenge.

Graphic Art Mart wanted to display their unique ability to produce vehicle wrapping print materials. The best way to do this of course was to put a phenomenally expensive luxury sports car on the stand and do a live demonstration of the vehicle wrap. This was big logistics at its best, or worst depending how you look at it. Our Impact Displays team was so proud to deliver on this for our valued client.

In a recent Exhibition Logistics Trends & Best Practices Study show managers and exhibitors were asked a number of questions on key trends and how to improve the logistics, freight shipping and material handling process. Below are some of the common themes:

• Reduce costs, and better explain costs and surcharges at the start of the process and on invoices.

• Implement more industry-wide standard procedures, policies and best practices.

• Continue to educate exhibitors on the shipping and material handling process and best practices.

• Provide better shipment tracking with online access to real-time information.

• Improve customer service and employee training.

• Focus on reducing damage and loss, and provide faster turnaround on damage claims.

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