The only way to truly consider your stand design a success is if it meets the number one objective of attracticing visitors. So here are three different stand design elements that we have seen that a guaranteed to draw a crowd

#1 Give to the Masses

Not all brands are easy to display. But sometimes you can cleverly integrate your products or services in to every day needs and, sure enough, the masses will come flocking.


Coffee and Ice Cream are always sure fire winners. But thinking creatively there are plenty more needs you can deliver.

#2 Create an Experience

If you can’t display your products or services in an interactive way, consider creating an experience.

One great example was Charity Water. They create safe and clean water sources for remote villages in developing nations that don’t have a sustainable water supply, not exactly something you can demonstrate easily on a stand.

However, they created a space and asked visitors to walk two large jugs of water across a long platform. This was to give visitors a small taste of the experience villagers in developing nations go through every day to fetch water miles away from their home.

#3 Create a Carnival Competition

Every man, woman and child loves and amusement park. The amusement park has become almost a handbook to the ways the human brain can be switched on. It is “a whole system designed to manipulate you into experiencing different kinds of pleasure,” said David Linden, a neuroscientist at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the author of the book The Compass of Pleasure.

Creating an amusement park style game on stand will allure even the staunchest of passers by. Games are designed to play on the appeal of almost, but not quite, winning.