3 Tips for Better Lead Capture

Capturing leads at a trade show cannot be an after thought, left up to a scanning machine or up to “the guys” on the stand. It is usually one of the core objectives for any trade show attendance so it should take priority when it comes to planning, budgeting and incorporating it into the stand design.

The Impact Display team have worked with a wide variety of businesses, industries and exhibitions, and that has allowed us to design and build hundreds of stands.

We have taken that experience and boiled down the top 3 considerations that our team believe make a big impact on the effectiveness of lead capture during a trade show or exhibition.




When designing the lead capture mechanism, whether it be iPads, scanning machines or even a simple pen and paper, it is crucial to give it context.

The aim should never be to trick anyone to signing up, or force a sign up under duress. It is always better in the long run to clearly spell out what you do, why you are capturing details and why it will be of benefit to the person signing up.



It probably goes without saying, but if capturing details can’t be done in a matter of seconds you are exponentially decreasing your success rate.

This is another place where careful stand design will help control the process, the flow of traffic and even the technology at hand for capturing leads



Trade show trinkets and gifts are common place, but the ones that get kept and get used to truly boost brand recognition need to be carefully thought out.

It is important to be current and relevant with your giveaways. Here are some brilliant ideas, relevant for the year 2019

Consider the length of the tradeshow, the length of time spent on the floor by visitors and of course the industry that you are in. Any and all of these factors and more will play a part in determining a memorable tradeshow trinket. The difference between a water bottle to an emergency charger being the most effective.