2020 Exhibition Trends – CES Best & Worse


Every January a huge global population gathers in Las Vegas. People are in town for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With more than 175,000 visitors, 4,400 exhibiting companies and exhibit space of more than 2.9 million net square feet, CES attracts over 60% the world’s Fortune 500 companies.

Being such a global spectacle means that exhibitors have a harsh spotlight on them. The innovative integrated stand technology and activations can set the tone for exhibition displays for the rest of the year. With this big opportunity many exhibitors rise to the challenge and present game-changing work, but there are some that push the envelope a little too far and their result gets lost in the weeds. Here are our selections for the very best at CES 2020, and also the very worst at CES 2020.


How the Nikon photo is taken. Photo: Tanya French
How the photo turned out. Photo: Supplied

Nikon’s show-stopper activation was an interactive photo studio where visitors “fall” into any of the three different sets to take a definite Instagrammable photo.Clever design of the activation makes it look like any person can do handstands in their living room.

In the second set, a super-slow video captures people glamourously bursting through a colourful curtain wall. The perfect Boomerang. In the third and last set, the set and props gives the allusions of people lifting extremely heavy weights.

The hook of the activation sees photos all taken by professional Nikon staff and sent direct to the user’s email, ready for that immediate Insta-upload.

Photos: Supplied Source:Supplied


Photo: Sam Rutherford, Gizmodo

Audi clearly set out to change the usual auto exhibit of laser lights and smoke machines. This year Audi decided to drape its booth with thousands of streamers. They operated as a streamer curtain all the way through the space trying to break up different sections.

The result left stand visitors feeling like they had just walked through a dry car wash.

On top of being a bad idea or poor design execution (or both) the greater fear is the potential environmental impact of those plastic streamers. If not made from a recyclable material then Audi is wiping out any eco-cred that it had built with this single trade show appearance.